Call Center Solutions

Call centers represent a primary point of contact between a business and its customers and partners. They are also an opportunity to make a strong first impression and to renew loyal relationships for the life of your business.

Brandon Systems customizes call center solutions for organizations of any size and virtually any industry. Our call center experts will evaluate your business needs and determine the most appropriate solution. Our solutions can be hosted in the cloud or on site, and they can leverage proven technologies such as SalesForce, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft Dynamics, or Clearvue CRM. 

Depending on your call volume and the role of your call center – general customer service, sales, after-sale support, technical support, problem resolution – you may consider several of these options:
  • IVR-enabled call automation systems. Interactive voice response (IVR) allows callers to interact with automated answering/call-routing systems and resolve issues without assistance from call center staff. Following a series of prompts, callers can be routed to the information they seek, enter personal data to expedite calls, or be routed to service reps when necessary. Use call automation systems to improve customer satisfaction and reduce demands on staff.
  • Callback systems and call recording. These, respectively, allow callers to schedule a return call from the next available representative and enable your organization to record interactions for employee training and quality assurance.
  • Call center/CRM applications. Call center and customer-relationship management applications are the informational backbone of the call center. Call center applications, typically including workflow components,  are designed to manage the customer services processes; CRM applications record call histories and call-center interactions with customers.
  • Legacy system integration. Banks, insurers, and other organizations that rely on trusted legacy systems often integrate them with call center and/or CRM applications so that any data entry by a customer service rep updates all systems seamlessly and simultaneously.
  • Business intelligence system integration. Call centers represent an unparalleled opportunity to gather customer feedback and insight. Call center and CRM systems can be integrated with BI systems, providing business teams with real-time data for advanced business and marketing analytics.
  • Self-service Web tools. The call center has grown beyond the phone. Solutions now include Web portals where customers can resolve service issues and interact in many other ways, online chat systems that allow customers to communicate with call center personnel in real time, and communication systems leveraging Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. All of these allow organizations to connect customers and service reps through the most familiar, convenient, and efficient communications channels available today.
Every customer contact is critical. At Brandon Systems, we have no doubt that your customer service team can interact more effectively when supported by our call center solutions. If you want your customer service process to be better, your workforce to be more responsive, and your customers and partners to be more loyal, we invite you to give us a call.

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