In today’s environment, where even local companies face global competition, manufacturers seek to optimize processes, increase productivity, cut costs, and grow revenue. To do so, they strive to better manage supply chain, production, and demand chain and to interconnect every aspect of their business.

Customer data, purchasing trends, and market forecasts can have critical roles in production scheduling, inventory management, and R&D. Supply tracking, inventory visibility, and just-in-time production can ensure that marketing and sales teams can do their jobs and that the company can deliver on its promise to distributors and customers. Unified communication and data/application integration across and between business units and partners can help the entire chain function with a single purpose.

Brandon Systems helps manufacturers and their suppliers reach this state of information-driven enlightenment. First, we work in partnership with manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to understand their business goals, ecosystem, and requirements. We then collaborate with them to design solutions that leverage the latest technology to meet their unique needs. Our solutions enable manufacturers to:
  • Sustain mutually profitable relationships with suppliers
  • Integrate operational processes – communication, parts tracking, logistics
  • Stabilize and even reduce the costs of inventory and shipping processes
  • Maximize productivity by streamlining internal processes and workflows
  • Integrate supply, production, and demand systems
  • Interact with customers to meet demand and improve performance
  • Track demand evolution to guide product design and development
  • Gain integrated, end-to-end business intelligence to optimize enterprise management
At Brandon, our experience implementing technology solutions for the manufacturing industry helps us make customers like you more efficient, productive, and competitive. Our manufacturing customers rely on us for:
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