Brandon Systems' ClearVue Solution Lifecycle Methodology

Services from Brandon Systems often involve the design, development, and delivery of new custom software or a wide range of programming to ensure that information systems work together flawlessly.

Throughout our decades in the IT services and solutions business, we have continued to broaden our experience and deepen our technology expertise. We understand the many challenges customers face when they choose new business technologies, add to an already complex infrastructure, or develop new custom solutions. Above all we understand that, whatever your business and technology objectives, you need to know that the solutions you implement will work reliably, function efficiently, and run long into the future.

To ensure achievement of these objectives, we at Brandon Systems have developed the ClearVue Solution Lifecycle Methodology. Building on the most effective aspects of the Waterfall and Agile development models, our ClearVue methodology organizes projects into six carefully defined stages:

  • ClearStart - assessment of the business problem and/or project-charter process in close coordination with the customer’s business and IT teams.
  • ClearSpec - project specification using a natural-language specification tool and visualization tools for process and system modeling.
  • ClearDev - transparent development process.
  • ClearTest - test/behavior-driven development conducted according to specifications and implemented throughout development cycles.
  • ClearDoc - living documentation based on specification, development, and test cycles.
  • ClearAudit - assurance that projects adhere to corporate best practices regarding version control, SOX/HIPAA compliance, and all other requirements.

Throughout each step of the ClearVue process, our team receives pinpoint-precise feedback allowing us to track progress, address requirement changes and issues, assess risks to the project timeline, and respond proactively. The process also ensures that we can communicate accurate information to customers in a timely manner and collaborate effectively at all decision points.

The ClearVue approach delivers many significant benefits:

  • Assurance that the solution continues to reflect requirements, which we accomplish through exacting change-control processes, ensuring that requirement “creep” does not impact successful solution delivery.
  • Stringent quality control throughout the design/development process, ensuring that industry-standard criteria are adhered to and requirements are met.
  • Identification, reduction, and in most cases elimination of risks associated with software bugs.
  • Maintenance and continual evolution of documentation to ensure that previous capabilities and future capabilities work together to prevent issues later on.

Brandon Systems understands that rock-solid solutions are the backbone of your daily business operations and the linchpin of profitable growth. That is why we bring an experienced team of consultants, enterprise architects, solution designers, and software developers, as well as our proven development methodology, to every project.

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